DPS Syrena

Warsaw, Poland


DPS Syrena gets their laundry under control with Electrolux Professional solutions

DPS Syrena is a care home located in a 6-floor building in Warsaw, completely renovated to satisfy the needs of elderly and disabled people. On each floor, guests have at their disposal, all the required facilities such as baths, kitchens, a social room, laundry, etc. Next to the building, there is a beautiful garden and recreational area, spread over 900 m2, where guests can spend time together. DPS Syrena offers 115 rooms accommodating approximately 150 guests.

The home employs a nursing staff for daily health care as well as different specialists for activities such as physiotherapy and rehabilitation. Furthermore, dedicated social workers take care of the guests by organizing various social activities as well as being available for individual support when needed.

In 2013, during the main development and renovation, DPS Syrena decided to invest in an in-house Barrier Washer laundry solution consisting of: 2 x WB180H washers, 1 x T5290 dryer, 1 x T5550 dryer, 1 x IC43320 cylinder ironer and CMIS System (Certus Management™ Information System).

This Electrolux Professional laundry solution fulfills all their hygienic requirements and gives them total control over the quality and availability of the linen. Furthermore, CMIS allows them to optimize and validate the laundry processes.

“DPS Syrena is one of the biggest care homes in Warsaw. Personally, I know all our clients by name and have direct contact with them. A few years ago, I started to renovate the care institution. My goal was to have a warm and accommodating place for our guests, in a modern environment. Electrolux Professional fitted my concept and vision very well. I am happy to have had such a partner for such a long time.”

Ms. Malgorzata Slomian, Director of DPS Syrena

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