Pastry & Bakery Line

The Art of preservation

Preserve and maintain the highest quality and delicate taste of semi-finished and finished pastry and bakery creations.

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Pastry & Bakery
at its best

Preserve delicate pastries and delicious breads in the perfect conditions thanks to precise humidity and temperature management.

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High performing,
reliable and green

Pastries and bread doughs retain their ideal moisture level thanks to the high performing, efficient ventilation.

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Class A

Benefit from the significant reduction in energy costs. Save up to 70% * in energy consumption with class A .

* Compared to standard class D refrigerated counters

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Maximum food

Reduce food waste. Climate class 5 ensures optimal preservation and high performance even in heavy duty 40 °C kitchens.

Extra sustainable

Pioneering sustainable business and environment-friendly solutions through innovation

Electrolux Professional is driving the change, being one of the first in the markets with high efficiency R290 solutions


R290 gas reduces environmental impact and has a less aggressive effect on the refrigerator’s components than older traditional gas.

Maximum capacity in
2, 3 or 4 door models,
up to 9 (400x600mm)
trays per compartment

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