High productivity
Line 6000 Flatwork Ironers

Deliver perfectly ironed linen to the highest hygiene standards.
Next-generation hot cylinder ironing technology designed by humans, for


Gas savings

Reduce your energy consumption by 20% thanks to Electrolux Professional’s cutting-edge Ceramic Burner*

*Gas-heated models only

Shaping the effortless laundry

Ultimate flexibility

Find the right ironer for your business needs

Outstanding thermal disinfection

Bacteria-free linen, every time

Certified ergonomics

Human-centred design to create an intuitive and effortless experience

Ultimate flexibility

With over 20 ironer and automation configurations available, our solutions can match perfectly your needs.

From front delivery ironers for low-footprint sites to rear delivery models to maximize workflow, each model can be supported with feeding, folding and stacking solutions to process up to 600 sheets per day.

Outstanding thermal disinfection

High levels of residual moisture in freshly laundered linen can make the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, while also impacting ironer performance and cylinder temperature.


Using DIAMMS™ technology, the Line 6000 Flatwork Ironers will automatically adapt the cylinder speed to the amount of moisture in the linen.

Certified ergonomics

All Electrolux Professional Line 6000 Hot Cylinder Ironers are certified to Ergocert 4-star rating.

Unique technologies tailored for you

FFS Vibe Ironers embed innovative technologies for extremely customizable ironing programs and optimal hygiene, delivering flawless dry linen.

Up to 99 customized programs can be created, based on the type of linen, their size, fiber composition but also their thickness.

Hygiene Guard, in synergy whith DIAMMS, will reject linens automatically if they do not comply with the prescribed humidity parameters set by the RABC standards.

Front or rear delivery? What’s best for you?

Front delivery

Perfect for maximum output
when space is limited

Rear delivery

Perfect for best ergonomics
and optimum workflow

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