Heat Pump Dryer (T5190LE)

Professional laundries
want a solution that saves energy and costs.

Heat Pump Dryer T5190LE allows customers at on-premise-laundries and apartment house laundries to save up to 60% energy for more cost efficient dry cycles.

Save money with outstanding performance

Up to 60% energy savings.

Short cycle times of only 51 minutes (full load) due to high rate of evaporation. This guarantees real energy, costs and time savings.

Save time and prevent downtime

The T5190LE is very easy to use.

The Heat Pump box can easily be extracted from the machine for fast and convenient access to vital parts. This solution makes servicing of the machine faster than ever.

Save space and gain flexibility

The solution fits into the smallest spaces.

No exhaust or ventilation is needed, you can just plug and play in locations of all kinds. Heating of the room is minimal and the footprint of the machine is the same as for a conventional dryer.

Easy access to lint filters due to unique horizontal filter

The Heat Pump box can easily be extracted from the solution for easy mainentance.

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