ecostoreHP Refrigerated Counters
extrA efficiency and food safety in top climate class 5

ecostoreHP Premium extrA quality

ecostoreHP refrigerated counters are industry pioneers in energy efficiency with class A and climate class 5.

Electrolux Professional boots kitchen efficiency with the new ecostoreHP refrigerated counters. It has been raised the bar and now we can offer a whole range of refrigerated cabinets and counters with the unique combination of both the highest climate class A and highest energy efficiency 5 rating on the market.

The HP stands for High Performance because the ecostore is the Highest Performing, most energy-efficient refrigerated counter around guaranteeing extra food safety and extra capacity.

extrA savings
with class A

Energy efficiency class A makes a real difference to your energy bill. Energy savings of up to 480 €/year ensure a fast return on your investment. Ask your Electrolux expert to calculate how much your business can save.

extrA food

Food stays fresher for longer with Optiflow smart air circulation and climate class 5 means outstanding performance even in the hottest, heaviest duty kitchens.


Store more food. 50 extra liters of net volume means 20% more storage than comparable counters.


With countless custom options, Electrolux can give you the counter you need. Ask an Electrolux Partner to create your ideal solution.

optimal food preservation with ecostoreHP

Reduce food waste with Optiflow and climate class 5

ecostoreHP Premium achieves optimal food preservation by creating a microclimate with the ideal conditions for all different food types which need specific temperatures and humidity levels.

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The on-line configurator for ecostore refrigerated counters is coming soon.
If you need to create your configuration now, please get in touch with our experts.

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