How ergonomic kitchen equipment can help Professional Chefs

Ergonomics is one of the main themes in today’s discussion on the future of professional kitchen equipment, but a clear understanding of how ergonomic kitchen equipment can help professional chefs is still under development. We want to contribute to the discussion by listing the areas where – in our experience – Professional Chefs can get the most out of an ergonomically designed appliance.

Professional Chefs are responsible for the quality of the dishes served to the client but they are also in charge of a kitchen staff whose teamwork is at the core of the restaurant’s profitability: to understand how ergonomic kitchen appliances can help professional chefs we must focus on both quality and organizational issues.

The main areas of enhancement

There is clear evidence that ergonomic kitchen equipment can help professional chefs do a better job. We have come up with a list of the key areas for this:

  • Saving time
  • Streamlined workflow
  • Less sick leave and better employee health
  • Drop in human error


Let’s consider them one by one

Saving time: studies we have conducted show that using ergonomically designed appliances in a professional kitchen can boost productivity up to 25%; this is also because it takes less time to perform standard operations.

Streamlined workflow: an improved workflow is also connected to the above-mentioned boost in productivity: better-designed equipment allows for more rapid execution but this is also overlaid by a more rational flow of actions, with appliance-driven workflows making operations more effective.

Less sick leave and better employee health: ergonomic kitchen equipment can help professional chefs manage their kitchen staff’s need for sick leave. According to a study conducted in 2014 by the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries, the use of ergonomic kitchen appliances is connected to a 75% reduction of sick leave in professional kitchens. This means that not only are single-injury episodes reduced but kitchen staff are also less likely to experience other work-related issues like postural discomfort and fatigue.

Drop in human error: intellectual interaction also plays a part in ergonomics: clear and easy to use programming interfaces can reduce errors in using a kitchen appliance and connecting it to others in the kitchen workflow. It’s even better when two or more appliances have the same set of controls, which makes it natural for people to use them together, without errors.


Our present and future plans for Ergonomics

At Electrolux Professional we understand and set great store by the help that ergonomically designed products give Professional Chefs. We also consider ergonomic design a must feature, therefore we have our appliances certified by ErgoCert, a certifying institute that tests products to assure they meet the highest ergonomic standards. In all of this, our upcoming Cook and Chill solutions will represent a new horizon. Stay connected!

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