You eat safely. Rely on us

Could you imagine feeding your babies with contaminated and potentially dangerous ingredients?

Infants and children aged five and under are at increased risk for complications from food poisoning (foodborne illness), because their immune systems aren’t developed enough to fight foodborne infections.

Safety is not a nice-to-have option when it comes to feeding them.

At Electrolux Professional we want to protect you, your children and your family by staying on top of food safety.

Our Foodservice solutions avoid the spread of bacteria causing food poisoning along the entire food chain, from preparation to handling and storage.

Our Product Development in Food Preparation is continuously inspired to achieve sustainable innovation and assure food prepared is safe and healthy: all plastic components in direct contact with food are Bisphenol A (BPA) free and Electrolux Professional is at the forefront in making this statement in the market.

air-o-steam Touchline is the only combi oven in the market equipped with the Food Safe Control (FSC): acting as a supervisor throughout the cooking process, this unique function ensures the microbiological safety of the food while guaranteeing better quality and lower weight loss.

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