Cook and Chill system, what are the applications?

For those running a high-volume commercial kitchen, maintaining optimal performance and efficiency is essential. Electrolux Professional recognizes the increasing issue of negative stress in the foodservice industry and provides solutions to revolutionize the way you work. With perfectly integrated all-in-one Electrolux Professional solutions, you can transform your work and expand your culinary capabilities. The new Cook&Chill system offers a streamlined and profitable approach to kitchen processes, making cooking and refrigerating more effortless than ever before. Regardless of your business type, Electrolux Professional ensures that you have access to the most efficient cooking and refrigeration equipment available.

The process

Cook and Chill is a food preservation process that involves rapidly chilling cooked food using a blast chiller, allowing it to be reheated at a later stage. This method enables chefs and kitchen staff to prepare food during off-peak times and reheat it when required, thus separating food preparation and service. The Cook-Chill process has numerous advantages, including quality and safety. The quick chilling process reduces the time food spends in the “danger zone” (between +8 °C and +68 °C) where bacterial growth is prevalent.

Additionally, the process increases productivity by allowing portioning and grouping of food preparation workflows, resulting in more efficient use of labor. Properly using Cook&Chill also means little to no food waste, as food can be safely preserved for longer, extending the product’s shelf life. Therefore, by using Cook and Chill in a kitchen, staff can enhance safety, efficiency and productivity making it a popular choice for many food businesses.


If you run a quick or full-service restaurant, you can benefit from the cook-and-chill process in various ways. Originally, cook-and-chill food production was mainly used in the catering industry to standardize food production and delay consumption after preparation and cooking. However, due to technological advancements, other industries, such as care homes, schools, hospitals, and institutional caterers, have also adopted cook and chill food production. In fast-paced restaurants, integrating an efficient cook-and-chill process is crucial to comply with existing local food quality and safety regulations. Furthermore, if the preparation of your dishes takes a long time, it is better to prepare them in batches to be served later. Cook and Chill not only improves food safety and quality but also allows restaurants to prepare and store food in advance, improving productivity and reducing food wastage.


Originally designed for the catering industry, the cook-and-chill process is also beneficial for temporary kitchens and for the preparation of elaborated dishes. With a Cook and Chill duo, you can prepare the food in advance, quickly cool it for storage, and reheat it only when you’re ready to serve, saving time and ensuring the quality and safety of the food.


Banqueting poses a significant challenge for chefs who must deliver multiple courses in a short amount of time while ensuring food quality, presentation, and temperature. Fortunately, many chefs today are turning to cook-chill processes, such as the innovative SkyLine Cook and Chill solution provided by Electrolux Professional, which ensures that food is safe, well-preserved, and maintains the freshness of a newly cooked dish. Whether you operate a small business or manage a large professional kitchen, incorporating this process into your day-to-day business can help you work efficiently, optimize productivity, and save both time and money.

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