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Cleanlux – Ecologic Wet Cleaning

Istanbul, Turkey

Established facilities where water and biodegradable detergents are used instead of solvents

Cleanlux is a facility that is established in Istanbul in 2016 and uses Electrolux Professional’s Lagoon® Advanced Care approved Ecologic Textiler Cleaning system with its professional team and know-how and is the only facility that applies the Wet Cleaning System in Turkey. Accordingly, it has brought a new breath to the sector with its environmentally friendly water-based cleaning system.

Opening its first store in Istanbul, Beylikdüzü, Cleanlux has a total of 12 branches including 1 in Antalya, 1 in Bursa, 1 in Edirne and 9 in Istanbul.

In Cleanlux Stores textile cleaning, wedding dress cleaning, evening dress cleaning, shirt cleaning, trouser cleaning, leather and suede cleaning, home textile, quilt and pillow cleaning, laundry and ironing services are provided using the Electrolux Professional’s lagoon® Advanced Care environmentally friendly water based cleaning system.

“The main purpose of our firm, which operates across Turkey and abroad with dealership system is to reshape the dry cleaning sector in global standards. As your laundry is cleaning with Electrolux Professional’s lagoon® Advanced Care approved system, you can always be sure to have a perfect result. lagoon® Advanced Care ‘LAC’ system perfectly cleans all kinds of textiles, including the most delicate fabrics, cashmere and pure wool ‘including those that are Woolmark labelled’. Thanks to this new generation wet cleaning system, we are able to provide a 100% natural and environmentally friendly cleaning service.

“When I decided to create the Cleanlux brand, making use of Electrolux Professional’s brand awareness and reliability was my primary purpose for choosed the brand. The fact that it is a well-rooted company operating for a century and it has a very wide service network during research and having good after-sales services made me prefer Electrolux Professional brand.”

“It is very important that it has innovative products and a sustainable technology that guides the sector. 98% of the sector constitutes solvent-based businesses. We preferred products that are rare but healthy for our customers and that do not contain solvent-containing chemicals. We wanted to establish a facility where water and biodegradable detergents are used instead of solvents; that’s why we chose the Electrolux Professional brand. We operate with Franchise System and all our Cleanlux Dealers are using the Wet Cleaning Set that includes Electrolux Professional’s LAC approved Washing & Drying machines as well as the Detergent Dosing System, Wet Cleaning Detergents and Finishing Equipments. We will switch to Line 6000 Washing & Drying Machines consisting of LAC 6000 Set, the latest series of Electrolux Professional in the Cleanlux Branches to be opened in the future. Currently we are using Line 6000 Drying Machines in our 3 branches already.”

“We have managed in a short period of 4.5 years to become a firm that is followed in the sector, rather than a follower. Companies that supply and use traditional solvent machines now want a water-based alternative. In terms of sustainability; according to the Stockholm Convention which Turkey is a signatory as well, banning or restricting the company that harm the environment is in question. Since we prefer an environmentally friendly system, we do not risk facing such a ban or restriction.”

You can stop by the nearest Cleanlux Ecologic Wet Cleaning branch and try the first and only professional water-based cleaning system approved by Woolmark Company for the care of sensitive garments.

“Why Electrolux Professional?”

Alper Arısoy – Company Owner of Cleanlux ‘Ecologic Wet Cleaning’

“When I decided to create the Cleanlux brand, making use of Electrolux Professional’s brand awareness and reliability was my primary purpose for choosing the brand. The fact that it is a well-rooted company operating for a century and it has a very wide service network during research and having good after-sales services made me prefer this brand.

Technologic features and the installation cost advantage of machines possess a great importance for us. In solvent-based systems, you cannot apply dry cleaning to all products and most of these require professional cleaning. Therefore, in this system with Electrolux Professional equipments, you can do both dry cleaning and normal washing using one machine. However, with our Electrolux Professional equipment, you can make both dry cleaning and normal washing using a single machine. Lagoon programs and chemicals have been approved by Woolmark tests. We prefer water as washing agent and the special bio soluble Electrolux Professional detergents during wet cleaning.”

List of installed equipment:

Wet Clean Washer
Wet Clean Dryer
Detergent Dosing System
Wet Cleaning Detergent
Finishing Equipments

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