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We’ve listened to our customers and with the help of their insights have developed a range of commercial laundry equipment for Western Australians with improved ergonomics, productivity and  functionality.

Laundry equipment made for Perth

Superior washes with our range of industrial laundry equipment

Electrolux Professional washing machines are designed to save you money and deliver great results to your Perth business. Our range include front load washers, commercial barrier washers, side load washers and commercial laundry equipment.

Add our Dosing systems to your machines to really maximise your savings and increase your efficiency.

Commercial Laundry Equipment



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Electrolux Professional – Commercial Laundry Equipment Specialists in Perth

Here at Electrolux Professional, we specialise in providing the best industrial laundry equipment in Perth. We work with heaps of Western Australian industries, including care homes, hospitals, commercial farms, hotels and launderettes.

With 100 years of history, Electrolux Group is now the second biggest selling appliance brand in the world. From our roots in Sweden, we now sell 60 million products in 150 countries every year – and with our focus on innovation and sustainability, we are saving our customers money while saving the planet.

Lofty ideals, but something we as a company truly believe in. Whether you buy an Electrolux vacuum cleaner or commercial laundry equipment for your Perth business, professional catering equipment for restaurants and cafes or industrial laundry machines in WA, you know that your purchase is backed by our wide network of experts, who are on hand to provide installation, advice and repairs.
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What is the Best Commercial-Use Laundry Equipment for My Perth Business?

If something is washed, it needs to be dried. We have several options for drying linens, depending on the situation and your need.

Firstly, the humble Tumble Dryer. Our Tumble Dryers are optimised for all kinds of operations in all kinds of environments. There is no need to any exhaust or ventilation; they have an enhanced ‘green’ economy with up to 60% energy savings and a short cycle.

If you need to dry delicate items, like wool, silk or velvet, then you might be interested in our drying cabinets. They have no mechanical action and are recommended for use to dry both delicate fabrics, or those with protective coatings, such as sportswear or fire-retardant clothing – which is why we suggest them for special cleaning services, or within fire stations.

One of our other drying options is the Hydro Extractor. With its suspended construction and high G-Factor, this is a low noise way of reducing dryer time by extracting water. Suitable for launderettes, ships and oil rigs, as well as many other purposes, the Hydro Extractor also has an interchangeable voltage.

But that isn’t all! We also have finishing products that are designed for specific garments, fabrics, and purposes.

Our Ironers use advanced electronics such as the Direct Ironer Advanced Moisture Management System (DIAMMS) – with automatic feeding, folding and stacking, we reduce energy costs and maintenance whilst improving productivity

If you need to have flat linens ironed and folded efficiently, an Ironing Lane is an excellent option – with a vacuum feeder table and multiple folding configurations, your flat linen will be perfect every time.

With other finishing equipment designed for specific purposes, like creating trouser creases and pleats, collar and cuff presses and blown finishers, we can tailor your products to your exact need.

What About Special Accessories to Help Your Perth Laundry Needs?

Electrolux Professional have a wide range of commercial laundry equipment Perth businesses know and love. We have foldable garment racks perfect for use in our dryer cabinets, as well as other, ergonomic racks and trolleys to make moving large loads easier. Our helical baskets are specifically made to work in harmony with our washers and dryers, making loading and unloading easier and quicker. We also offer consumables like detergent and water-soluble bags, as well as dryer balls and specially designed microfibre cleaning cloths.

If you are not sure what your business needs, then please fill in the form below, and one of our team will be in touch to discuss your situation and provide you with advice on which products would suit you.

We are extremely proud to be known internationally as the premier brand that restaurants, hotels and cafes trust to deliver high-quality products. We provide Australia with commercial kitchen equipment in Adelaide. Also, we promise to continue to provide reliable commercial kitchen equipment in Canberra and cafe equipment. Don’t hold back, contact us today.
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