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Cafe Kitchen Equipment

For those that have a dream of owning and running their own café in Australia, finding the right café equipment is a big part of their initial undertaking. The space that you have to play with may be limited, but that does not mean that you have to limit the quality of the products and appliances that you furnish it with. Starting out is a challenge, the investment can be intimidating, but when you believe in your ability to deliver a standard of quality and service that the public demand, think long term and spend with the future in mind.
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Where to Find Contemporary Café Equipment

At Electrolux Professional, we are among the leading experts designing, innovating and creating the very best of café kitchen equipment. We are the go-to choice for countless cafes across Europe and throughout the world and our presence in Australia is going from strength-to-strength. Our success stems from a century of interrogation, development of knowledge and expertise and the desire to make the lives of our clients easier through using our products.

We continually seek to improve upon the range of products and appliances that we offer, putting the facts and best information available to good use. We are customer-focused and committed to the satisfaction of those that choose our superior brand over all others.

How Sustainable Equipment Can Save Your Cafe Money

Here at Electrolux Professional, we are proud of the fact that our extensive array of goods have won awards across the world. Our consistent high-quality and determination to find new and better ways to meet the needs of an ever-evolving hospitality industry ensure that we work hard and afford you the conveniences that will enable you to work less.

With the future in mind at all times, we are utterly committed to sustainability in business. We want to continue in our role as the best appliance company in the world and to further this ambition, we push the green aspect of our products.

Our café appliances and supplies are designed to lower utility costs for our customers. While this helps you financially, it also reduces the burden on the planet and improves your green credentials. Customers are much more sensitive with regards to this issue today and are becoming more informed about their choices. As such, through the use of Electrolux Professional products, you align your sustainability goals with societies.

The difference that our products can deliver doesn’t just extend to sustainability, however. You gain the service of a superior build that will withstand the use and wear and tear typically seen in a busy café. This enables you to reduce downtime caused by necessary repairs or maintenance issues. It also affords you the means of delivering consistent results to your customers. Great service inspires customer loyalty. So, even if you spend a little more upfront, you save a lot more and maintain a solid reputation.

A Global Network of Experts

With the team here at Electrolux Professional on your side, your business has a supply partner that is there to support you 24/7. We endeavour to bring you the very best café kitchen supplies available in Australia and across the world, and to ensure that you receive the value that you expect, our extensive customer care global network of more than 2,200 authorised technical experts is on hand to help should you require.

Running a café is a challenge and one that requires considerable management. With Electrolux Professional café equipment working for you, your kitchen is the one area that you can depend on every day of the week.

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