Commercial Drying Cabinets

Ultimate flexibility in drying

Drying Cabinets for superior textile care in all kinds of applications

Gentle drying of delicate materials like wool, velvet, silk and linen isn‘t easy.
And when it comes to protections in workwear and sports clothing, boots and gloves, conventional drying solutions have limitations because of the mechanical action.
Give your customers the peace of mind.

Best drying of sensitive garments without mechanical action

Outstanding flexibility

Designed for sensitive garments, protective workwear, outdoor clothing and bulky items.

Quality and care

Top quality results and textile care thanks to gentle drying without mechanical action.

Save time and money

Fast and gentle drying, quicker and better than hang- or flat-drying. Extended lifetime of garments and workwear.


For best space utilization and perfect results:
– Hanger sticks
– Shoes shelves
– Glove hangers

Superior Commercial-Use Drying Cabinets

Electrolux Professional is Australia’s premium provider of superior commercial laundry equipment. We stock a vast range of drying cabinets that come in different sizes and with an array of interiors for different use. When it comes to running your own in-house laundry system, it’s important to have the most effective equipment to ensure complete satisfaction.

Commercial drying cabinets are growing in popularity on a global scale and for good reason; they have a number of larger benefits when compared to tumble dryers (especially for commercial use) as they dry your garments without any mechanical action. Don’t get us wrong, there’s nothing too amiss about traditional tumble dryers, but some of your more delicate laundries won’t be able to handle the heat or mechanics of a tumble dryer and they could be ruined – a dryer cabinet is perfect for those pieces that are meant to hang or flat dry rather than being tumble dried.

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Electrolux Professional Drying Cabinets

When you install a drying cabinet through Electrolux Professional, you can rest assured knowing that you are getting a global brand through a company with 100 years of experience in the commercial laundry industry. Our expert technicians will install, maintain and service your equipment as per our agreement to ensure that you don’t have to lose any money through downtime at your establishment.

Some of the more obvious benefits of commercial-grade drying cabinets include:

  • Gentle drying process for your delicate items
  • Longer life for your garments
  • Flexibility for all kinds of laundry
  • Reduced shrinkage and wrinkles
  • Multiple options to suit your drying needs
  • Low drying temperature options
  • Very little maintenance
  • Fast, effective and efficient
  • Low utility (energy) bills

Our Industrial Dryer Cabinets Provide Gentle Drying For All Garments

While effective, tumble dryers subject your laundry to large amounts of wear and tear during the drying process; the non-mechanical nature of drying cabinets means that your laundry goes through a lot less and is likely to have a longer lifecycle. Even the most delicate of garments can be dried in a cabinet, and you’ll find that those items that are not tumble dryer safe or are prone to wrinkling come out of the cabinet in perfect condition.

However, industrial drying cabinets are not just for your delicate goods, in fact, they are extra efficient in drying outdoor wear like footwear, heavy jackets, PPE and other laundry that is incredibly difficult to dry in a tumble dryer.

They’re also great for the planet

Commercial laundries are a big culprit when it comes to energy consumption, and drying appliances are energy-hungry in particular. However, modern drying cabinets come with digital systems that switch off drying when the contents are dry. They are more energy-efficient and reduce your drying energy consumption by up to 50%.

Get your commercial drying cabinets from Electrolux Professional

We have specialised in commercial laundry and industrial clothes drying cabinets for nearly 100 years, and we are experts at what we do. If you’d like to know more about our commercial laundry equipment and services, then simply get in touch. We can’t wait to start your laundry transformation journey with you.

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