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More than 55.000 spare parts available thanks to an extensive Customer Care global network of over 2200 authorized technical experts.
We stock spare parts of your equipment for at least 10 years from its end of production. Present in more than 149 countries, our service partners are able to dispatch worldwide spare parts easily and quickly.
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Commercial Laundry Repairs with Electrolux Professional

As a business owner, whether that’s a hotel, laundry, school or anything in between, you know how essential it is to ensure that your laundry equipment is in good shape. Downtime can mean delays, customer disgruntlement and complaints, and equipment that operates at any level under its optimum can produce laundry that far below the standards of what you and those that visit your establishment expect. Breakdowns and malfunctions can leave many businesses at an absolute standstill and cost owners a lot of valuable time and money.

At Electrolux Professional, we offer an excellent maintenance plan as part of every project, and if you encounter a problem, you can rest assured that we will act swiftly and that we have a huge range of commercial laundry equipment parts that will ensure your repairs are done as quickly as possible.

At the first sign of a problem, you must contact us at Electrolux Professional to efficiently repair and maintain your equipment and get it back into working order. We are at your service to quickly and effectively fix any of your laundry repair needs so that you can get back to giving your customers the laundry service standards that they deserve.

We have a large range of repair services available that include but are not limited to:

  • Commercial dryer repair and servicing
  • Commercial washer repair and servicing
  • Commercial dryer vent repair and servicing

Whenever you decide to use Electrolux Professional services for your commercial laundry, you have peace of mind knowing that our highly skilled technicians are also able to perform regular routine maintenance on your equipment as per our agreement. We ensure that all of your machines are running at their optimum levels and are effective and efficient around the clock.

We know that time is money in any industry, and as such, we offer fast and effective services that suit your needs and fit into your busy schedules. We ensure that our work fits in with yours, so don’t hesitate to book your appointment for any time of the day.

The Top Choice for Commercial Laundry Repairs & Parts

Electrolux Professional is a global brand that is known in households and companies, not just in Australia but all over the world and for good reason. We go the extra mile to ensure that all of our clients’ expectations are met and that’s why we have such a comprehensive maintenance and repair plan in place for all our valuable customers.

We stock 55,000 spare parts, which ensures that our clients don’t have to wait if their equipment breaks down and our expert technicians are always on hand to get the job done as soon as possible.

We have 100 years of experience in the industry between us, and this has prepared us well for any problems that may arise so that we can repair your equipment at a moment’s notice. When you decide to do your in-house commercial laundry repair and services through Electrolux Professional, you know that you are guaranteed a high-quality, effective service that will limit your company’s downtime.

Get in touch if you’d like to know more about our commercial laundry repairs, services and other information. At Electrolux Professional, we can take your laundry game to the next level.

We are extremely proud to be known internationally as the premier brand that restaurants, hotels and cafes trust to deliver high-quality products. We provide Australia with cafe equipment. Also, we promise to continue to provide reliable restaurant kitchen equipment and commercial dishwashers. Don’t hold back, contact us today.
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