Four tips to choose a more sustainable detergent for your laundry


In November 2021, we are approaching a pivotal moment in the fight against climate change with the 26th Conference of the Parties annual summit (COP26). 

During the past COP21, held in Paris, every country agreed to work together to limit global warming to well below 2 degrees and aim for 1.5 degrees but, to adapt to the impacts of a changing climate and to make money available to deliver on these aims, there is still much more we have to do, and new actions should be taken.  

The importance of “going green” is certainly a global affair, but our single actions and choices could have an impact and do the difference, as the “Fridays for Future” movement is trying to show us by asking local governments as well as every person to take actions on the climate crisis. 

Looking at our work life and daily activities there are some important considerations we can do even when choosing the perfect laundry detergent range. If you are asking what the connection between the climate change and detergents is, the answer is easy: not all detergents are equal and formulated with the aim to reduce as much as possible the environmental impact. 

Here below four simple tips to help you in the selection. 


There are many products on the market claiming to be “green” but only the presence on the official ECOLABEL logo can give you the certainty that they respect tough environmental requirements for all relevant stages of the product’s life cycle.

This means that the Authority has evaluated the product with a global approach: from raw material selection to production processes, use and dosages, disposal and recycling, are all included in the assessment. Furthermore, product properties must ensure quality and durability). The EU Ecolabel, established in 1992, is also called the “EU Flower” and is one of the world’s most known eco-labels. The Nordic Swan is the equivalent of the EU Ecolabel, but it has a strong positioning among consumers in the Nordic region. 


Being safe for garments but also for people is fundamental: cleaning effectiveness is what everyone is looking for, even if safety should not be ignored. If a detergent is delicate with textiles, it will preserve them from excessive wear and damage prolonging their life and again being ecofriendly. In any case, with safety you don’t have to think only of textiles, but also of the sensitive skin of people using detergents and wearing the textiles washed with them. Hypoallergenic products have been dermatologically tested and are products formulated to minimize the risk of sensitization. 


Always remember that you will face different kind and level of soiling, thus having a range which can help you in all your daily work life will make everything easier. When checking effectiveness, keep in mind to verify the dosages and the suggested washing temperature. The lower the dosage and temperature are, the better is for the environment and for your pocket. Consider also the existence of a compatible spotting agent range to help solving most difficult cases instead of going through a repeated washing processes or having the need to increase temperatures or dosages in standard washing programs, losing the benefits we have already discussed. 


Consider products which can enhance hygiene due to specific chemical characteristics. Did you know that extreme pH values can inactivate coronavirus? Furthermore, high temperature exposure for a certain period of time can help that process. The combination of these characteristics can be useful and it will provide you, your customers and your staff the confidence that their well-being is safeguarded at all times.


With these simple considerations you will be able to select effective detergentsprotect the environmentprolonging your customers’ textiles lifespan, ensuring to use delicate products and meet the increasing high hygiene standards. 

The selection of the proper detergents will not only make your work life easier but will help you being part of the green revolution that is taking place. 


Learn more about our detergents range and start reducing the environmental impact with us.

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