TR210 vegetable slicer

Even faster results to ensure quantity with high quality

Beyond great performance

Prepare from 100 to 1000 covers/day up to 2100 kg/h

100% dishwasher safe with easy disassembly of cutting chamber, stainless steel hopper and discs

Work becomes effortless

Work becomes effortless

by setting the TR210 on the new stainless steel trolley


Easy cutting

and high productivity with long vegetables thanks to four different hopper tube sizes

precise cutting

Precise cutting

produces beautiful results with the lever operated hoppers

silent operation

Silent operation

and long life for heavy jobs is ensured by a powerful compact induction motor

BPA free

Our Food Preparation goes the extra mile for healthy food!

TR210 vegetable slicer 2015-01-27T14:09:56+02:00 Electrolux Professional