Wirtshaus Zinners, Germany:
Unrivalled culinary beauty in the heart of Bavaria

December 2016

We eat with our eyes, or so the saying goes. The unrivalled beauty of thermaline allows diners to begin the feast even before a dish reaches their table. This is precisely the case at Wirtshaus Zinners in Taufkirchen near Munich, where brothers Sebastian and Ferdinand Zinner pay close attention to the authenticity and originality of seasonal Bavarian cuisine.

For Sebastian, the brothers’ journey towards culinary excellence began at an early age – an ethos they now try to instil in local youngsters. “We have always had a passion for service and food, and going out to eat at a restaurant was always a pleasure. We also love to share our passion with children, so we run a catering service for schools and kindergartens, which is lots of fun.”

Today, the Wirtshaus Zinners kitchen plays a vital role in the creation of beautiful dishes for customers to enjoy. Fully furnished with equipment from Electrolux Professional, the kitchen delivers between 80 and 120 meals per day – with capacity to produce up to 250 when events are held at the restaurant.

When it comes to impressing customers, Sebastian is passionate about his staff’s aptitude in the kitchen – the nerve centre of his restaurant. “The most important thing for the customer is what is served on their plate, which is something the kitchen staff take very seriously. The kitchen is at the heart of the whole gastronomy and is the most important element we have.”

It was this very attitude which saw Sebastian and Ferdinand turn to Electrolux Professional in their search for a complete kitchen of the highest quality. Topping the list of equipment specified was thermaline – Electrolux’s contemporary horizontal cooking range, specifically designed for high productivity kitchens just like Wirtshaus Zinners’.

thermaline’s one-of-a-kind Swiss design means the beauty at the heart of Sebastian’s kitchen is only matched by that of the dishes it produces. “The griddle plate we use delivers fantastic results and I’ve never had such good results when cooking Schnitzel before,” he says. “Thanks to the equipment we have at our disposal, the kitchen is a pleasure to work in.”

As well as its tailor-made thermaline cooking suite, the kitchen also boasts Electrolux’s air-o-steam Touchline combi oven and its ecostore refrigerated cabinet, with the latter proving its unrivalled performance instantly. “To work efficiently, it is vital that we have the best quality tools at our disposal, from sharp knives and top quality pots and pans, to reliable refrigeration equipment, which is in constant operation. Because of this, the fact that the Electrolux appliances in our kitchen can be relied upon at all times is key,” says Sebastian. “Before we invested in our new ecostore refrigerator, we could never maintain our herbs for as long as we can now.”

For the restaurant’s owners, the value offered by an equipment manufacturer needs to extend far beyond the products it supplies. As Ferdinand Zinner stresses, just as important is the support it offers on an ongoing basis. “Since having our kitchen installed, Electrolux has made sure we always have someone we can contact if we need to, and we’ve had no problems with our equipment whatsoever,” he comments. “My brother and I, as well as our whole team, would fully recommend Electrolux to our friends, colleagues, and everyone who asks us.”

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