ICCA, Dubai:
Creating a pathway to culinary excellence

December 2016

Creativity is a chef’s secret weapon in the battle to turn the everyday into the unforgettable. At the International Centre for Culinary Arts (ICCA) Dubai, the chefs of the future hone their skills in a kitchen accredited by the World Association of Chefs Society (WACS).

Since 2005, the ICCA Dubai has aimed to redefine the ways in which professional and personal culinary training is offered. In order to do so however, the Centre would need a kitchen boasting both sophisticated design, and equipment capable of putting a world of flavours and techniques at their chefs’ fingertips.

According to Mr. Sunjeh Raja, Founder and CEO of ICCA Dubai, the key to finding the best possible equipment to sit at the heart of the centre’s kitchen was not only versatility, but also the physical size of the modular cooking suite. “When it came to the specification of our new kitchen, we were looking for something very functional, but also a compact solution that would suit our intended workflow and space availability.”

2014 saw the inspirational vision for a world-renowned kitchen brought to life. The ICCA turned to Electrolux Professional in a bid to make its very own kitchen the aspirational destination for some of the most promising chefs from around the globe.

Right at the heart of its new kitchen design was thermaline.  Designed to give chefs the freedom to express themselves, Electrolux’s contemporary horizontal cooking range was perfect for one of the top ten culinary institutes in the world.

Engineered and built for the most demanding heavy-duty kitchens, thermaline was the ideal match for the ICCA’s provision of top class tools to inspire culinary masterpieces. In the words of Mr. Raja, the bespoke configuration and quality of build made thermaline the standout choice. “We chose thermaline for its build quality, superior finish, modular convenience, and customised solution.”

The new kitchen also included seven air-o-steam Touchline combi ovens, two air-o-chill blast chillers, eight ecostore touch refrigerated cabinets, two green&clean hood type dishwashers, a HSG (High Speed Grill) Panini, a pasta cooker, and a host of food preparation equipment. This complete package would contribute towards the Centre’s educational programs continuing to be officially recognised under the Standards of Quality Culinary Education by schools and institutions on an international level.

Sunjeh Raja concludes: “We believe in making a difference in the industry and that difference came together by partnering with Electrolux Professional. We brought professional training and professional technology into a single platform, which is set to have a huge impact on the industry and the success of our chefs.”

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