Mama Campo

Madrid, Spain

The secret ingredient is sustainability

“In a humble way and little by little, Mama Campo is becoming a reference in Madrid for ecological food”, comments Chef Pepa. Mama Campo is a successful gastronomic space, whose secret lies in the use of organic products.

Mama Campo has been open for 3 and a half years and is the first restaurant opened by David Yllera together with Ignacio Aparicio partners of this new adventure with the collaboration of the chef Beatriz Lillo.

Chef Pepa tells us how the most important thing for her is that the people who come to the restaurant are happy and satisfied, appreciating the work they do. They always work with seasonal products and without going out of the natural and ecological style.

Likewise, the viability and future sustainability of the restaurant is very important for the owner. We were curious to know how the idea of this special restaurant arose and the reason for organic products, so we asked them. “The origin of Mama Campo is based on this. We saw how in organic products in Madrid were associated with vegetarian diets, an aspect that does not correspond to reality. So we decided to create a new vision for this type of food.”

With great enthusiasm, Chef Pepa presents the dishes day by day, “we want to make cool things with seasonal products, things that are different from what we are used to, giving a different touch, creating a new menu every season. We want to change the perception that a vegetarian dish is just boring.”

Pepa also highlights the Electrolux solutions. The great utility of the oven, since it allows you to work at low temperature, “semi-dry tomatoes are left dry all night!” And the blast chiller, “it allows me to cool any product in a very short period of time.”

We asked them what they thought of Electrolux Professional and they told us that the treatment provided always has been excellent. So much, that they have opened a franchise in Ibiza, where they also have Electrolux Professional solutions.

“Why Electrolux Professional?”

Mama Campo Team

“We have come forward with many proposals and the response from Electrolux Professional has always been fantastic.”

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