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Wellness Resort LeeuwerikHoeve

Burgum, Netherlands


Wellness Resort LeeuwerikHoeve gains efficiency with Electrolux Efficient Dosing

LeeuwerikHoeve, a beautiful wellness resort in Burgum, near Leeuwarden, known for their intimate and personal atmosphere, boasts many regular visitors. Besides hospitality, hygiene is one of the most important aspects for owner Eric Humme. In 2014, they decided to install a washer and dryer from Electrolux Professional. The biggest advantage? “The prolonged life of the textiles and the high costs saved in detergent thanks to the Efficient Dosing System“, states Humme.

When the people in the Burgum region need to relax, they simply go to LeeuwerikHoeve and get fully recharged again. In addition to various saunas and heated pools, guests can get special body treatments such as hammam and massages. In between, they can enjoy a cappuccino, fresh juices and a lunch or dinner in the restaurant or on the sunny terrace.

Prior to Electrolux, the resort suffered from a rapid wearing of the textiles and robes that were not washed properly. Mr. Humme went in search of a lasting solution and decided on Electrolux. The washing machine with the Efficient Dosing System fully satisfied his needs.

The great advantage is that the dosage of the detergent composition is automatically adapted to the amount of textiles washed, ideal for a wellness resort like this, where washing is done frequently, even if the loads are not completely full.

Within 40 minutes, the towels, bathrobes and other fabrics are spotlessly clean. The low consumption of detergent has several advantages: the fabrics are in contact with the detergent much less time so they last longer and it also ensures a high cost savings of more than 1.000 euro per year.

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