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NaturaSì Bistrot

Treviso, Italy


NaturaSì opens its first bio-Bistro with Electrolux Professional

In the center of Treviso, a few steps from Vittoria Square, you will find NaturaSì: the supermarket chain that focuses uniquely on biological products.

In the store, in line with the market philosophy, the first bio-Bistrot has been inaugurated. It is a new restaurant concept that wants to offer customers not only an original cuisine, but above all healthy and prepared with respect to the environment. The Bistrot is born from the idea of wanting to let customers try the products that are on the shelves and in the produce section of the store, creatively elaborated by the chef.

The Electrolux Professional agency Renzo Foltran followed the entire project from the beginning. The solutions were proposed according to the space available, starting from the static preparation that meticulously follows the perimeter of the kitchen, up to the more technological solutions of the thermaline modular cooking range.

The result is a completely independent and highly efficient kitchen, visible from the street and from the dining area, separated by a beautiful stained glass window: a deliberate choice in order to bring light and continuity to the environment and further emphasize the “Km 0” concept also in the service.

“Our goal is to bring this concept to other cities, both Italian and European, even with the help of Electrolux Professional, technical partner who has managed to translate our requirements within a small space yet complete at the same time” says Andrea Frizzarin, Business Development Manager.

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