The Elephant

Torquay, England


The Elephant will never forget Electrolux Professional

As the ancient proverb goes, “an elephant never forgets”, and certainly, The Elephant restaurant in Torquay has Electrolux Professional front of mind when it comes to its kitchen.
After fifteen years working with Electrolux Professional equipment, it was an easy decision for Simon Hulstone, Chef Proprietor at The Elephant restaurant, to continue his partnership with the food service solutions provider.
With 90% of the kitchen in The Elephant now made up of Electrolux Professional equipment, Simon sees himself as a brand ambassador, with the history and relationship between the chef and company dating back to his early career entering and winning competitions such as National Chef of the Year.

The recent installation at the Michelin starred restaurant, set on the scenic Torbay coastline, includes a full suite of Electrolux Professional equipment. The kitchen boasts an air-o-steam Touchline combi oven, an XP modular suite with solid tops, a burner range, fryers, refrigeration, draw counters and a Hood Type dishwasher – Simon’s most treasured piece of equipment.

Simon Hulstone, Chef Proprietor at The Elephant Restaurant, commented: “Everything we’ve had installed runs perfectly, right from the combi through to the dishwasher. In fact, the Electrolux Professional Hood Type dishwasher is my best friend in the kitchen. I’m an owner and operator so when the decision had to be made on whether we hired a full-time KP, or another fulltime chef and purchase a dishwasher, it was down to me to make the call. We hired a chef, brought in this fantastic dishwasher from Electrolux Professional and haven’t looked back. We wanted to make the washing up as enjoyable as possible and the Hood Type works for us 16 hours, day in day out, washing up to 80 racks an hour, saving us money, time and energy.

Simon also makes the most of the multi-timer programme on the Electrolux Professional air-o-steam Touchline combi oven, a new function that gives chefs at The Elephant the possibility to manage up to fourteen different timers in a cooking cycle. It provides improved flexibility when planning and managing the cooking of multiple types of food during rush hours, which is ideal for a-la-carte menus, and helps to achieve perfect results by sounding an alarm when the exact cooking time for each item is reached. In addition, it allows Simon’s team to assign a name to each type of food being placed inside the oven.
Simon continued: “The multi-time function on the Electrolux Professional combi oven has been a massive benefit for me and my team. Having 14 separate timers guarantees my peace of mind in the kitchen and being able to name each product, whether its beef or duck, on a separate timer makes everything so much easier during those really busy periods.
Crucially, the team will be able to save time without compromising on reliability, leaving us to concentrate on producing high-quality dishes that meet the expectations of our customers. For me, that is invaluable.

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