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Sushi B

Milan, Italy


Sushi B chooses Electrolux thermaline for reliability and innovation

Sushi B is a fascinating location nestled in the historic district of Brera in Milan.

The restaurant is characterized by a very elegant imprint and glamour which is the setting for a cuisine that offers exceptional fusion dishes, designed and created by Japanese Chef Nobuya Niimori directly on the solutions powered by Electrolux Professional.

At the entrance, is a unique cocktail bar surrounded by a most original vertical garden; on the first floor instead is the main restaurant which hosts approximately fifty seats. One may also decide to enjoy his meal at the teppanyaki counter, where a transparent glass separates the cooking area from the customers. In the basement, instead, is the location of the sushi bar.
In this gastronomic temple, there’s also a special room reserved for the most demanding customers, strictly private, with a chef’s table for 10 people.

The kitchen of the Sushi B is equipped with Electrolux Professional solutions, a result of a thorough process of consultation and planning carried out by Host Impianti srl, the Electrolux agency for the province of Milan and the pre-sales department at Electrolux headquarters.

Executive Chef Nobuya Niimori, when visiting the Electrolux Center of Excellence in Pordenone, had the opportunity to personally try the different equipment and cooking functions and then choose the most performing for his type of cuisine. The result is a splendid thermaline Modular 90 cooking island that fully satisfied his requirements both in terms of reliability as well as the uniqueness of its innovative functions.

Great attention was also placed on the rest of the equipment: solutions were chosen that allow to achieve excellent results in the various stages of preparation, processing and storage of raw materials, equipment which exploits and enhances the undisputed star of this restaurant, sushi in fact, in all its variations and elaborations. “When the work was completed, we can say that to rely on Electrolux Professional was the best choice we could make!” Says Chef Nobuya.

For Electrolux, Sushi B represents an opportunity to continue to dialogue with restaurants and renowned international chefs, a moment of confrontation that allows the company to understand and anticipate market needs and then develop solutions that help make the lives of its customers easier and more profitable.

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