Roots Bistro Gourmand

New York City, USA


Roots Bistro Restaurant was opened in 2012, in a unique location, a 100 year old building, once a teahouse with a hidden upstairs, a speakeasy. Located in Long Island New York, Roots Bistro Gourmand is an upscale casual restaurant serving contemporary French Bistronomic menus to local residents as well as New York City’s Hampton set (those travelling to their beach homes in Eastern Long Island). Bistronomic can be defined as a fusion between bistro simplicity and gastronomic techniques.

Roots Bistro has 67 seats enabling them to serve about 100 meals per day and even up to 140 on busy weekends at an average cost of about $150.

Philippe Corbet is Executive Chef/partner, a native of France with more than 10 years of culinary experience. Together with partner/Chef James Orlandi, the combination of their expertise has made Roots Bistro Gourmand what it is today.

Their vision is “to challenge traditional philosophy with rational arguments of pure creativity.

All foods are sourced locally, if necessary even using foragers to search for the freshest most exclusive ingredients. In fact, the ingredients drive the menu so it’s in constant evolution. Everything served, from drinks, sauces, infusions, the jerky and even the ketchup, is prepared fresh in house.

Thanks to the Electrolux Professional solutions, Roots was able to achieve this vision.

Executive Chef Philippe Corbet stated: “Electrolux makes the chef’s life much easier! I can program the oven, make any recipe I want, I just have to tell my cooks…you don’t even have to think anymore! Just press the button and it gets cooked the way I want it.

Electrolux makes me a better chef if you want, because I can actually push myself more, ‘cause it’s easier.

The Electrolux Professional solutions provided were: 2 air-o-steam Touchline 6 grid ovens; an air-o-chill blast chiller/freezer; a cooking suite (range, grill, griddle and refrigerated drawers) and a warewasher with WashSafe control.

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