Mostovi Restoran

Zagreb, Croatia


Mostovi Restoran, a bridge connecting fine foods with fine people

Mostovi “bridges” are built to connect the coasts, people, cultures and traditions, and the culinary creations at Mostovi are a true bridge, a fusion of contemporary culinary directions and Croatian culinary heritage. Of course, with a price suitable to this time. The idea of opening a restaurant started in 2012, with an international cuisine at the former “Les Ponts”, the only restaurant in Central Europe listed in the prestigious “Guide des restaurants et Pensions”, but today chef Petar Mihalic, is combining the values of well-known and acclaimed bistro bridges.

Our menu is a combination of the magical tradition of the Bosnian-Herzegovinian cuisine, distinctive Croatian delicacies from the Mediterranean to Central Europe and the rich treasury of international specialties. An irresistible blend of authentic flavors and aromas of our memories in a new guise, culinary skills of the 21st century”, says Ruzica Cerkez, owner of the restaurant.

One of the specialties at Mostovi are their exquisite meat dishes. Hence, the standard “a la carte” menu includes their famous grilled specialties, kebabs, burgers and gourmet meat fillets, steaks with the choice of sauces and interesting complements to the slow roasted veal breast.

Mostovi is equally proud of their generous selection of gluten-free and raw food dishes, from the green soup of fresh vegetables to the unique desserts.

Ruzica Cerkez commented: “When deciding for a supplier, we confidently turned to Electrolux Professional and its partner TGS servis, a synonym for reliability. We were sure the equipment wouldn’t fail us especially when having to organize large group visits needing to maintain the highest level of quality in the food served”.

We can proudly say, Mostovi guarantees you will cross the “bridge” over and over again!

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