Fondazione Moroni Antonini Morganti

Senigallia, Italy

Care Home

The excellence of the Marches and Electrolux Professional, caring for the elderly

In one of the characteristic hills of the inlands of Senigallia, outside the historic walls of Ostra (AN), is the Moroni-Antonini-Morganti Foundation. A multipurpose facility that houses, in two separate areas of the former Franciscan monastery, the Protected Residence of Ostra and the Rest Home: specialized in assistance for the elderly.

For over 30 years, the Electrolux Professional agency for the province of Ancona, Olivia Manzoni, has supported the foundation by providing the best equipment, layout, design and after sales support catered to their specific needs.

The agency’s work was essential in order to set up the kitchen and, most recently, the new laundry facility.

Til now, an external company had been responsible for the washing of guest’s clothing and linen. Today, Raimondo Paradisi, President of the foundation, chose to bring the laundry service back on the premises, by setting up a new laundry area with equipment capable of meeting the most stringent containment requirements of bacterial growth, a crucial aspect for a structure that puts the guest’s wellbeing at the center of everything.

The choice fell on the Electrolux Professional barrier system that is characterized by the clear separation of the two loading / unloading environments, thus reducing the risk of bacterial proliferation and cross-contamination. The dirty laundry is loaded from one side and withdrawn from the other clean, guaranteeing maximum hygiene. The new laundry consists of 3 barrier washing machines, 2 dryers, 1 drying ironer (for 1.90m of usable ironing space) and 2 ironing boards.

A comprehensive service that, if on one hand it was designed for the welfare of the guests, they see their belongings treated with care, like at home, on the other hand it made it possible to optimize the work of the dedicated staff, while reducing operating expenses. An investment that has led to a real reduction of costs and wants to be an example and inspiration also for neighboring realities.

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