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Castle of Ugento

Lecce, Italy


Italian savoir-vivre comes to life at Castello di Ugento

The Ugento Castle shines again thanks to the D’Amore family, owners of the castle since 1643, who were looking to restore life and modernity to the ancient walls. Inside, there is an international cooking school open 12 months a year, the Puglia Culinary Center (PCC), a boutique hotel with 9 suites and “Il Tempo Nuovo” restaurant.

For Electrolux, it was certainly an unprecedented and arduous challenge due to the very nature of the location. Not a single screw could ruin the magnificent vaults and century-old walls, yet it was necessary to install cooking, preparation and storage equipment, customized ventilation systems, tailor-made work tops and everything necessary for a high level kitchen.

chef thermaline castle ugento

The ventilation system, for example, could not be mounted to the vaults, so it was decided to install them through a beautiful metal structure that, in turn, supports the channels.

In the kitchen, the three thermaline M2M cooking blocks, weighing 2 tons each, were lowered with a crane and then introduced “by hand” into the room, so as not to damage the floors. In the pastry laboratory the same situation for the 10 meter long table for processing chocolate, with its 7cm-thick, black granite refrigerated top: just as heavy as it was perfect! Also, in this area for the extraction and introduction of the treated air, an innovative “all in one” ventilation system was installed.

Meeting after meeting, thanks to the excellent team work, it was possible to transform the fourteenth-century rooms of the castle into a center of gastronomic excellence destined to make history once again.

why Electrolux?

“Why Electrolux Professional?”

Diana Bianchi & Massimo D’Amore – Owner of Castle commented:

“We were looking for the best technology for the kitchen, but also concrete support in the design, construction and installation phases. We found all this in Electrolux Professional. They supported us, first at all, throughout the entire design stage, then in the creation stage and now they are providing us with excellence assistance during the start-up phase of our business and we are completely satisfied with their service.“ 

List of installed equipment:

thermaline castle ugento
Ristorante il tempo nuovo castle ugento
pastry laboratory castle of ugento
Puglia culinary centre castle ugento

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