ecostore Premium 1 Door Digital Freezer, 670lt (-22/-15) - Remote (COD 727257)
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ecostore Premium
1 Door Digital Freezer, 670lt (-22/-15) - Remote

COD 727257

1-door freezer 670lt, -22-15°C, digital, remote, AISI 304


  • Supply voltage: 220-240 V/1 ph/50/60 Hz

    Electrical power max.: 0.305 kW

  • Gross capacity: 670 lt

    Door hinges: Right Side

    External dimensions, Width: 710 mm

    External dimensions, Depth: 835 mm

    External dimensions, Depth with Doors Open: 1480 mm

    External dimensions, Height: 2050 mm

    Number and type of doors: 1 Full

    Number and type of grids (included): 4 - GN 2/1

    Type of external material: 304 AISI

    Type of internal material: 304 AISI

    Internal panels material: 304 AISI

    Number of positions & pitch: 44; 30 mm

  • Control type: Digital

    Refrigerant type: R404A;R452A

    Suggested refrigeration power*: 971 W

    Condition at evaporation temperature: -20 °C

    Condition at condensation temperature: 55 °C

    Condition at ambient temperature: 32 °C

    Connection pipes (remote) - outlet: 9.5 mm

    Connection pipes (remote) - inlet: 6 mm

    *Note: Ref. Power calculated at a linear distance of 15 mt (piping)

Product Features

Connectivity ready for real time access to connected appliances from remote and data monitoring (requires optional accessory).
Large digital white-digit display with cabinet temperature display and setting, manual activation of defrost cycle and turbo frost cycle (to rapidly cool warm loads).
Freezer model has operating temperatures that can be adjusted from -22 to -15 °C.
Large storage area suitable to contain 2/1 GN grids or shelves on anti-tilt runners.
Cabinet fitted with up to 75 mm thickness of cyclopentane insulation for best insulating performance with 100% environmental protection (thermal conductivity: 0,020 W/m*K).
Optiflow: back to front forced air flow and removable air conveyors provide even temperature distribution and fast cooling in any conditions.
Internal structure with numerous charging positions available to host grids, ensuring higher net capacity and a greater storage space.
60 mm-thick insulation covering the evaporator can be easily removed with a single operation.
Fully compliant HACCP digital control: when temperature exceeds critical limits, acoustic and visual alarms are activated. Up to two months  of event are kept in memory.
Prearranged to fit RS485 port to facilitate connection to a remote computer and integrated HACCP systems.
Rilsan coated grids for improved protection.
Interior base with rounded corners, pressed from a single sheet.
Lockable door.
Refrigerant type: R404a.
Remote refrigeration unit.
Constructed from the highest quality AISI 304 Stainless steel.
Easy access to the main components for maintenance.
Stainless steel runners and supports easily disassembled.
The rounded internal corners, the easily removable runners, grids and air conveyors allow for ease of cleaning and high hygiene standards.
Anti-corrosion bottom avoids any damage that may be caused to the cabinet by aggressive detergents employed to clean the floors.

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