You live safely. Rely on us

Could you imagine a “health watchdog” that protects your life and takes care of the people you love?

Hospital acquired infections continue to be a serious, but common, complication of hospitalization.

Hundreds of millions of patients are affected by healthcare-associated infections worldwide each year, leading to significant mortality and financial losses for health systems.

These infections are one of the major causes of morbidity in the neonatal intensive care units and pediatric hospitals.

Our imperative at Electrolux Professional is to protect you and the people you love by minimizing the risks of infections in hospitals, nursing homes and other healthcare institutions.

As the global expert in linen hygiene and leader in barrier laundry solutions, we place hygiene and cleanliness at the top of our agenda, because clean care means safe care.

To ensure maximum safety, our Barrier Washers are equipped with the unique “hygiene watchdog“: combined with an effective Laundry Cycle Management, it guarantees 100% safe hygienic linen at all times.

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