How to clean your panini press

The best way to keep your professional equipment efficient is to pay attention to its correct maintenance. The daily or weekly cleaning process with the usage of specific accessories and consumables is essential to grant high performances and durability for appliances, such as a panini press.

A high speed panini grill as Electrolux Professional SpeeDelight needs to be kept free from food residuals and crumbs through a fast daily cleaning process. Cleaning your SpeeDelight is nearly as fast as heating your sandwich. Keep your high speed cooking device at its peak form so that it can perform at its best.

Make your work simpler and your equipment last longer with a few simple steps:

Daily cleaning process

  1. Switch off the panini press and let it cool down;
  2. Clean the upper plate with a specific detergent and rinse off;
  3. Wipe with the detergent and rinse the choke cover;
  4. Push the upper plate and wipe the internal chamber;
  5. Clean the glass from food residuals with the detergent and rinse off.

Weekly cleaning process

  1. Switch off and wait until the panini press is cooled down;
  2. Unlock the upper plate to clean the internal cooking chamber;
  3. Spray the detergent and rinse the internal chamber, then lock the upper plate;
  4. Remove the top cover to clean the steam exhaust chamber;
  5. Apply the detergent and rinse the chamber, then reinstall the top cover.

If you are a quick service restaurant, a pub or a coffee shop that frequently use a panini grill with the aim to serve fine food with record speed or an exceptional snack experience check out our SpeeDelight cleaning tutorial video.

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