One internship, ten product launches

“Electrolux Professional gave me the great opportunity to grow as a person and as an international event manager,” says Marilou Linders, who recently finished an internship with the Trade Marketing & Live Communications team at the company headquarters in Vallenoncello, Italy.

What led you to take up an internship at Electrolux Professional?

As I am studying International Event Management at Breda University in the Netherlands, I started to develop a specific interest in business-to-business events and marketing. I first noted how Electrolux Professional executes events at HOST in Milan – an important trade show for the hospitality industry.

Seeing their booth and how everything was organized triggered my interest in a very positive way. Aside from events, I was also interested in working for a company that operates in the Food Service industry – so it seemed like a perfect match. The company’s presence in Beverage and Laundry made it even more interesting for me.

How was the experience?

I had the opportunity to help organize some great events with amazing people that has seen me grow as a person and learn many new skills. I have to say that the whole Central Marketing team is a team that works closely together, and I learned a little from everybody in the team.

I have met so many new people and made many new connections from a variety of different nationalities, which gave me great insights in intercultural communication. Everybody is very welcoming and always makes an effort to have a conversation with you, which was really valuable for me.

What are you most proud of?

I am most proud of the SkyLine product launches that we organized. Together with a small team and local Marketing Managers, we organized around ten product launches in Vallenoncello, Italy.

Electrolux Professional was willing to give me the responsibility to host my first ‘own’ event – something I never had expected before starting my internship. From thinking of contacts to make, arranging demos, lab tours, factory tours, agendas, to preparing lunches, resolving issues during the event and being there to guide guests, basically the complete package of organizing an event. Working for Electrolux Professional was a big pleasure for me and I will never forget the wonderful time I had in the company.

What are your career aspirations?

Although I would love to stay with the company, I have to finish one more year of University before I graduate. After my graduation, I would like to do a Masters in Neuro Marketing and hopefully grow even more as a professional and a person.

Hopefully my path will cross again with Electrolux Professional and I wish all of my colleagues the best for the future.


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