“Steam turned out to be a smarter way”

As an experienced chef, I’m often asked what I enjoy most about working in the kitchen, which can be a difficult question to answer at times.

Could it be the setting – a Renault factory within an early 20th century mansion, built on a 350 hectares site? Could it be my team, who are always on hand to ensure lunch is served with a smile every day of the week? Or could it be the functional space we have at our disposal, following Le Cercle’s 2016 renovation?

The answer, in truth, is that I enjoy what I do thanks to a combination of all three.

Kitchen is king

My role within the kitchen – and within the business as a whole – is to prepare 35 to 40 dishes every lunchtime, with a menu that changes every single day. It’s fantastic to be responsible for such an enjoyable part of the day for our factory’s staff, but I certainly wouldn’t be able to do so without the ergonomics of my kitchen. What’s important to me is that my commercial kitchen equipment is simple, intuitive and extremely reactive.

High speed, high quality

We know that most of our restaurant’s diners only have 30 minutes on their lunch breaks, so our service has to be fast and efficient, and all dishes need to be high in quality. Key to achieving this is our combi oven, which lets me cook fish ultra-fast and can be cleaned in the blink of an eye.

Our kitchen needs to be reliable, but more importantly, we need to enjoy what we do. Thankfully, the kitchen we have at Le Cercle means we’re able to achieve both of these with ease. Coming to work and cooking every day really couldn’t be any more enjoyable.

Thomas Miersman, Executive Chef Eurest, France

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“Steam turned out to be a smarter way” 2017-10-10T15:25:44+02:00 Electrolux Professional