Espresso Coffee Machines

Electrolux Professional Espresso Coffee Machines are designed to offer a full of flavour experience. Design and technology are combined to always provide you the best coffee machine for your business, whether it is a small restaurant or a big café.

Robust flavour, flawless performance

Crafted for express performance and adaptable to different brewing systems, our espresso coffee machines offer the best results in every cup, whether the coffee comes from beans, pods or capsules.

Electrolux Professional created a range of appliances that can be chosen and configured according to your needs. From traditional to super automatic espresso coffee machines, through single serve ones, you will always find the solution that best fits your business, with the warranty of providing a high quality espresso.

Aura 2022

Automate the coffee making process with TANGO espresso machine

The super automatic TANGO espresso machine will bring your coffee equipment to the next level. The first-in-industry DUO is capable of making 4 drinks simultaneously, offering unmatched speed while providing a high quality extraction.

The TANGO technology includes also the new TANGO STP Fridge, the ideal solution to keep and feed milk, tailoring a complete drinks menu.

Equipment with the heart of a barista to complement your business.

Espresso equipment designed for professional use and a sensible budget

Choose a single-group, two-group, or threegroup machine. Each model features heavy duty components and welded construction, a direct mounted boiler group head for thermal stability and reliable extraction, easy access to components for uncomplicated serviceability, and unlimited steam.

Discover our new Classic Series Espresso machine.

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