Coffee SystemTANGO ACESELF, 1 group full-automatic machine (COD 602557)
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Espresso Coffee Machines - TANGO ACE SELF

Coffee System
TANGO ACESELF, 1 group full-automatic machine

COD 602557

Full-automatic machine, 1 group, 220x40 ml espresso cup/hr, 6,5 liter steam/coffee boiler, 1x1,7 kg and 1x1,2 kg coffee hopper, hot water

Product Features

    • 1 group full-automatic machine with self service configuration.
    • Auto cleaning program.
    • Programmable hot water.
    • 2 coffee grinders (1 x 1,7 kg & 1 x 1,2 kg coffee hoppers).
    • PID (proportional–integral–derivative) Temperature control: a precise controller algorithm system that gives consistency and accuracy to brewing
      temperature management system.
    • 6.5 liter steam/coffee boiler.
    • In its Self version, the Tango® ACE comes with lockers for bean hoppers and waste coffee drawer, it has no steam outlet neither ground coffee box for security
      reason. The Tango® ACE Self version is ideal for using in all self-service areas with its self-explanatory 7" color touch screen user interface easy to use.
    • The Tango® ACE fully takes advantage of the reliability, usability and exceptional extraction quality that has established the reputation of the TANGO® range.
    • LCD Touchscreen.
    • Safety locks.


    • Supply voltage: 400 V/3N ph/50 Hz

      Electrical power max.: 5.2 kW

      Current consumption: 14.5 Amps

      Plug type: Cable without plug

    • External dimensions, Width: 448 mm

      External dimensions, Height: 766 mm

      External dimensions, Depth: 627 mm

      Net weight: 103 kg

      Shipping volume: 0.71 m³

    • Cold water temperature (min/max): 5 / 60 °C

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