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Leuven, Belgium

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Water and Energy Savings

Our washers have an Automatic Saving System (AS) that determines the load weight and adds precisely the right amount of water. This results in reduced water consumption and energy costs.

Reduced noise and vibration

Our Super Balance™ precision system automatically detects and corrects imbalances in the drum during the washing process. A well balanced load reduces noise and vibration, prolongs machine life and makes the laundry working environment more pleasant.

Safety and reliability

The washer slip-lock door handle simply spins around if someone tries to open it during the washing cycle. The doors also are very strong and have widely separated hinges.

Flexibility and control

Our control system facilitates customization and the programming of your machines for greater flexibility, higher efficiency and lower costs. The system controls water levels, washing times and number of rinses, with a simple turn of a dial.

A wide range of
payment systems

From payment at the machine with card, coin or token to the possibility of connecting the machines to central payment systems.

Payment systems for washers and dryers are available as kits with coin meters only, coin boxes only or complete kits with coin meter and coin box.

On demand, our washers and dryers are ready for connection with the vast majority of payment systems available today globally.

Get in touch with us, we have a wide range of payment systems and solution for you.

Text Management Information System. Stay in control

Improving the concept of user-friendly laundries
Costly downtime can be reduced and preventive maintenance is easier to plan with direct access to machine performance and service statistics.

You gain increased control over both your machines and your time when the system informs directly of machine failure or maintenance requirements.

Tailor-made solutions

Every installation is different.  With innovative planning tools, our laundry experts will simulate any kind of configuration and provide you with a virtual reality draft.

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