October 2023

The Hive


Exclusive events

A space where innovation and solutions are exchanged

Like in a beehive,​ one of the most advanced social structures in nature, ​it’s easier to respond to change and bring out our best qualities ​when we work together.

The event becomes an opportunity to look at sustainability from a new point of view. Multiple levels and dimensions intersect, such as the segments of Electrolux Professional, its solutions and all the different facets of the sustainability theme.

The Hive is the cohesive dimension in which dialogue is borderless and interaction becomes the key to achieve even the most complex objectives.

The Hive is a new event designed to reconnect​ professional experts, businesses, innovative ideas, ​and key trends.
The direction? ​Towards a greener, more sustainable future.
Circular solutions, like bees in the Hive.
Circular solutions

Electrolux Professional meets a strong customers' demand to have sustainable and low running cost solutions for new culinary experience​s.

Digital ecosystems
Digital ecosystems

Digitalization is now essential for business efficiency and profitability. Discover all the advantages of workflow automation and advanced processing, to design a future-proof customer journey.

Innovation, to design the most sustainable, energy efficient and ergonomic solutions

How to design the most sustainable, energy efficient and ergonomic solutions by leveraging on customers' voice as main driver.

The Hive 2023-09-27T11:46:32+02:00 Electrolux Professional