How to get your garments washed with « Social Distance »

When meeting with these two young ladies, your first thought is truly on « fashionettes » rather than laundrette owners. And fashion was that brought them to NYC years ago working for prestiguos fashion magazines and coming from Germany where everyone is used to have his/her own washer at home. Experiencing the first oh my god, my white dress is grey », they took a decision to provide high-end launderette service to their neighborhood. Their entrepreneurship and believe in a 5-Star-customer service model took Corinna and Theresa Williams to a truly sustainable business. Fully equipped with Electrolux Professional high performing washers and dryers.

Now, facing coronavirus period, staying home regulations and people’s fear to meet a crowd in the laundromat, the co-founders of Celsious have been roactive again being only open for drop-offs and collections now , but offering priority booking for anyone on the front lines, workers in essential services, the immunocompromised, those 65 years or older, and families with small children. On top, they’re providing useful advise on taking care of garments when washing them at home. In addition, Corinna and Theresa have set up a Laundry Love fund at Celsious for New York neighbors who have been financially impacted by COVID-19.

Photo: Celsious
How to get your garments washed with « Social Distance » 2020-07-03T15:56:52+02:00 Electrolux Professional