Dark cocoa and cinnamon gluten-free sponge cake — Paolo Pettenuzzo


Serving portion

Total 4 pcs x 25/30g (without cream)
Double cream 1 spray (double cream + coffee shot)
Muscovado sugar 0,5g (on top)

Cooking Cycle

Top Temperature: 249°C
Bottom Temperature: 230°C
Total Time: 0.30
Microwave: 0.25
Before/After: Before
Flex: Off


  • Almond flour 125g
  • Eggs 4 pcs
  • Baking 8g
  • Cocoa powder 20g
  • Caster sugar 80g
  • Cinnamon powder 10g
  • 34% double cream 200g (for topping)


1. Mix* all the dried ingredients together
2. Add them to the eggs and mix everything together
3. Fill up the coffee paper cup 25 to 30 g each one
4. Place 4 coffee cups into the Speedelight (30”sec total time)
5. Garnish with sweetened whipped cream flavoured with a coffee shot and sprinkle with a pinch of Muscovado sugar

Chef tips

It‘s possible to prepare the mix in advance directly in cups and storing them in the fridge

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