Sport Hotel Hermitage



A touch of Japan within the Spanish mountains

Renowned chef  Hideki Matsuhisa puts his signature on the new Japanese gastronomic restaurant at the Sport Hotel Hermitage & Spa in Andorra, and invites guests to taste the tantalizing dishes of the restaurant Koy Shunka (Barcelona, awarded 1 Michelin star) along with the unique dishes designed to Koy Hermitage.

At Koy Hermitage, guests will find a unique proposal of Japanese cuisine that combines high quality fresh produce, art and the tradition of one of the oldest cuisines in the world together with impeccable service in a luxurious setting.

The dining experience brings together different Japanese specialties and everything is prepared in full view of the diners and served at a bar specially designed according to the standards of traditional Japanese cuisine.

The Libero Point front cooking unit, refrigerated tables and the air-o steam Touchline oven are visible from the bar so guests can see the chef in action, a spectacular demonstration to enjoy while dining.

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