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Eko Laguna Poland

Gdansk, Poland

Commercial Laundry

Eko Laguna promotes Eko business with lagoon® Wet Cleaning by Electrolux Professional

Eko Laguna Laundries are a typical family owned company. Co-owner, Mrs. Veronica Korga started the cleaning business from scratch, opening her first Electrolux Professional lagoon shop in 2010 in Gdynia, Poland.

In a short time, she has become an expert in the field of water cleaning delicate garments. Customers quickly appreciated the high quality services, which after two years has resulted in the opening of another shop in Kowale.
Mrs. Veronica Korga praises the vast range Electrolux Professional offers with its numerous ecological aspects.

A confirmation of the rapid development of the Eko Laguna Company is the opening of the third lagoon shop, located in the prestigious area of Gdansk – on Szafarnia street.
The success of the Eko Laguna Company demonstrates how important it is to choose the right system, laundry and partnership with the right supplier.

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