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Multi-Housing Laundry

“One of our cooperative housing associations, Charlotteborg, in Kristianstad, has saved SEK 61,840 [just over $10,000] per year simply by reducing the cost of the main electric fuse,” says Roland Bengtsson, technician at HSB Skåne.  Thanks to a switch to low energy equipment from Electrolux, it was possible to secure the bottom 160-100 amps. In addition, the association has saved a good sum of money by reducing electric and water consumption.

“On average, electricity consumption declined by 15,000 kW per year and laundry room,” explains Bengtsson. “In monetary terms, this means associations that move to seven or eight new, low-energy machines can save SEK 170,000 SEK [roughly $27,735] a year. This is a truly profitable investment that also helps the environment!”

“Our work towards developing environmentally-friendly products started 20 years ago we will continue working towards this goal more and more in the future. Only by replacing an old washer with one of the low-energy machines reduces the emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere by more than a half ton a year! More and more of our customers make an active choice and install low-energy products in their laundries.  We are extremely proud, both for Electrolux and for the sake of the environment,” says Christina Larsson, Marketing Communication manager Sweden.

Well-motivated investment
Anne Siivola, Area Marketing Manager for HSB in Kristianstad, agrees: “These figures help motivate us to renew the washing environments in our buildings. We have also found that switching means a reduction in maintenance costs through service contracts. Another important factor, in addition to the savings effect, is that job satisfaction increases with a new, fresh laundry room.”

Charlotteborg, an association with 311 apartments, will upgrade all of its laundry rooms to modern textile care facilities. This applies to the somewhat smaller condominium association, BRF Fröknegården, in the same city. “We have measured an annual saving of SEK 52,000 [almost $8,500] by switching to new energy-efficient equipment for both washing and drying,” says Bengtsson.

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