Modular Cooking Range Linethermaline 80 - 500 mm Passthrough open base, GN conform, 2 Sides (H2) - H=450 (COD 588145)
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Passthrough Bases

Modular Cooking Range Line
thermaline 80 - 500 mm Passthrough open base, GN conform, 2 Sides (H2) - H=450

COD 588145

Passthrough Open Base, two-side operated, GN - H2

Product Features

IPX5 water resistance certification.
All major components may be easily accessed from the front.
THERMODUL connection system creates a seamless work top when units are connected to each other thus avoiding soil penetrating vital components and facilitating the removal of units in case of replacement or service.
Unit constructed according to DIN 18860_2 with 70 mm recessed plinth.
Hygienic design of the open base compartment with large round edges.
2 mm top in 1.4301 (AISI 304).
Flat surface construction with minimal hidden areas to easily clean all surfaces
Internal frame for heavy duty sturdiness in stainless steel.
Storage space in the base of the appliance that can accept GN1/1 containers.

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