High Productivity CookingVariomix Electric Boiling Pan with Stirrer 80lt, 600mm tilting height (COD 232149)
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EBV - Electric boiling pans - smart variomix

High Productivity Cooking
Variomix Electric Boiling Pan with Stirrer 80lt, 600mm tilting height

COD 232149

Electric Boiling Pan 80lt with stirrer, with 600mm tilting height


  • Supply voltage: 400 V/3N ph/50-60 Hz

    Electrical power max.: 23.3 kW

  • Working Temperature MIN: 30 °C

    Working Temperature MAX: 121 °C

    Vessel (round) diameter: 580 mm

    Vessel (round) depth: 464 mm

    External dimensions, Width: 1160 mm

    External dimensions, Depth: 925 mm

    External dimensions, Height: 1050 mm

    Net vessel useful capacity: 80 lt

    Tilting mechanism: Automatic

    Bearing: Front

  • Distance back floor tilted: 620 mm

Product Features

600 mm tilting height minimum.
Food is uniformly heated through the base and side walls of the pan by an indirect heating system which uses integrally generated saturated steam at a temperature of 120°C in a jacket with an automatic deaeration system.
Fast working thanks to the high efficient heating technology and well insulation that keeps the heat inside the well.
Electronic control with possibility to store up to 50 programs, large display for easy use and a complete control over the following functions: start, cooking time, temperature, water filling and mixing speed.
Curved pan base guarantees that the appliance ia also suitable to prepare small quantities of food.
Constructed to meet the highest hygiene standards.
Compliant to CE requirements for safety.
Safe thanks to the higher water protection IPX5 and the lower temperature outside the panels.
Isolated upper well rim avoids risk of harm for the user.
High thermal input and fast heat up.
Safety thermostat protects against low water level.
Safety valve avoids overpressure of the steam in the jacket.
• Whipping tool - quickly whips foods such as cream, egg whites, etc

• Bottom agitator - blends foods such as meat stews, casseroles, etc

• Cleaning tool - may be fitted on the rotating shaft to facilitate cleaning of the cooking surface and safety grid After use, it may be placed directly in the dishwasher and the brushes may be replaced.
OPTIONS (to be ordered with the machine and must be installed in the factory).
• Automatic water filling - makes it possible to preset the desired quantity of water

• Automatic cooling - allows cooling down of the food connecting the jacket to the tap network

• Food sensor - placed on the bottom of the vessel, it provides efficient temperature control even with small amounts of food. Can be connected to HACCP integrated system

• Spray gun - integrated spray unit
Ergonomic and user friendly thanks to the high tilting position and the pouring lip design which allow to easily fill containers.
Heavy duty, balanced stainless steel lid with sliding plastic cover to insert ingredients. Easy to remove and turn to facilitate cleaning.
Tilting axis located at the front and upper position of the pan to keep the pouring path short when filling different types of vessels.
Vessel can be tilted beyond 90° to completely empty the food.
Motorised tilting.
Max pressure 1,5 bar.
AISI 304 stainless steel construction with AISI 316 stainless steel deep drawn pan with rounded edges.
Variable speed agitator moves at up to 200 rpm.

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