Coffee SystemAura Traditional espresso machine, 2 Maestro groups, Steamair (COD 602528)
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Espresso Coffee Machines - AURA with Steamair

Coffee System
Aura Traditional espresso machine, 2 Maestro groups, Steamair

COD 602528

Traditional espresso machine, 2 Maestro groups, 10,1 liter boiler, 2 independent control boxes with 4 programmable dosing program


  • Supply voltage: 400 V/3N ph/50 Hz

    Electrical power max.: 4.6 kW

    Plug type: Cable without plug

  • Current consumption: 7 Amps

  • External dimensions, Width: 784 mm

    External dimensions, Depth: 592 mm

    External dimensions, Height: 490 mm

    Net weight: 70 kg

    Shipping volume: 0.46 m³

  • Cold water temperature (min/max): 5 / 60 °C

Product Features

Steamair milk auto-frother programmable outlet.
USB interface for update.
Automatic cleaning cycle.
Programmable water.
The professional semi-automatic AURA line owns all the technical features of a high-end traditional espresso machine, offering the perfect harmony of aesthetics and performance.
Modern design of stainless steel and chrome, the AURA displays an assertive silhouette underlined with LED lighting of the tray grill and around the electronic control boxes with touchscreen interface for an intuitive programming.
AURA is dedicated to users familiar with volumetric commands that address high performance and consistency in the extraction process.
The MAESTRO thermo-regulated brew groups are fitted with the EASYLOCK system that help locking and sealing the portafilter with minimal effort.
2 Maestro groups.
2 independent control boxes with 4 programmable dosing selection with Dosamat ® self recognition of portafilter, start/stop, shot time display.
Electronic pre infusion.
Manual Steamglide lever.
Double paneled cup warmer with large capacity.
RS-232 protocol for computer/cashier interface.
Stainless steel body.
Easylock portafilter.
10.1 liter boiler.
PID (proportional–integral–derivative) Temperature control: a precise controller algorithm system that gives consistency and accuracy to brewing temperature management system.

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