Infection Prevention

Care sector research reveals laundry contamination risk

As the average age of the UK population continues to rise, care homes are under increasing strain to keep residents happy and healthy. With linen one of the principle vehicles of transmission for healthcare associated infections (HCAIs), the need to prevent infection during the laundry process is evidently key to effective safeguarding – yet how this can be achieved is often less clear.

Our white paper, Infection Prevention, has been written to provide care homes with the information they need keep those under their care – as well as themselves – as safe as possible.

By gathering the collective attitudes of over 1,600 industry professionals from both the public and private sectors towards the management of textile cleaning, the study details the current state of laundry systems in care homes across the country.

The report also details Electrolux Professional’s very own guide to Laundry Cycle Management, an eight-step system for dealing with contaminated laundry. This offers guidance on proper packing, transportation, cleaning and storing of clean linen, including the need for clear and accurate process validation. Crucially, the process can be applied to traditional laundry operations as well as those with a barrier system in place.

The result is a comprehensive overview of everything care homes need to bear in mind when it comes to preventing infection and guaranteeing laundry hygiene. For more information, download the Infection Prevention Whitepaper below, or visit the Laundry Cycle Management page.

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