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Earl Gutierrez, Laundry Master, Saga Sapphire passenger ship

Saga Sapphire

This machine, which is Electrolux Professional, for me is good… environmentally and for my health especially (because I don’t have to inhale the fumes of chemicals).

Electrolux Professional feels easier to use.
lagoon® machines are better than the traditional ones because it does not take long to learn.

Earl Gutierrez
Laundry Master
Saga Sapphire passenger ship

marine food service tailored solutions


All kinds of ships need to rely on their laundry and food service equipment working at sea with cost efficient processes, easy maintenance and flexible programs.

Loipart is in the marine business since so long that we are percieved as the experts, not only as suppliers for galley and laundry solutions. Our partnership with Electrolux Professional is lasting since the beginning because we know how experts need professionals to get win-win results.

Mikael Eliasson VP Sales & Marketing at Loipart

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  • 1,900 authorised service centres
  • Over 7,000 expert technicians
  • 44,000 available spare parts in stock
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… and our service in millions of ports.

Global R&D team: from customer insight to excellence inside

Global R&D teams exploit synergies across internal design sectors to reduce time-to-market while performing market research and seeking out new opportunities.

The world’s most extensive Customer Care network

Electrolux Professional provides the world’s most extensive Customer Care network, able to satisfy your needs with a capillary local presence before, during and after purchase.

Tailor-made solutions

A whole range of merchant ships, oil rigs/platforms and passenger ships are taking advantage of Electrolux Professional expertise in marine laundry and food service solutions.

For more detailed information around your marine solution please contact your Electrolux Professional expert.


Excellent solutions tailored to your needs


Cargo ship
25 staff

Give heavily soiled workwear the most thorough clean possible to remove oil, grease and finest dust while preserving the quality.

Solutions used

2 x Front Loaded Washers (6 kg + 14kg)
2 x Tumble Dryers (6 kg + 13,9 kg)


300 staff members

If you are looking for laundry equipment that is designed for workers on oil platforms, you will need robust machines with long lifespan and safety features to guarantee the health of the workers.

Solutions used

8 x Front Loaded Washers (11 kg)
2 x Front Loaded Washers (6 kg)
8 x Tumble Dryers (10,6 kg)
2 x Tumble Dryers (6 kg)
1 x Ironer

Passenger ship
1000 passengers

Do you have large amounts of different types of laundry to wash every day? Then a passenger ship laundry is bound to be worth your while, less dangerous and complicated then dry cleaning.

Solutions used

1 x lagoon® Advanced Care (Absolute set)
6 x Front Loaded Washers (11 kg)
5 x Tumble Dryers (33 kg)
1 x Ironer

lagoon® Advanced Care

The solvent-free process that‘s delicate on fabrics and gentle on the environment.
Your customers will see, feel and smell the difference.
Your staff will love the safe and easy processes.

A jewel in the crown for Saga Sapphire

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