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Speedier chilling, increased productivity and savings.
Three top aspects for your canteen.
boiling and braising pans

Lean workflow and increased productivity in less space

Lean workflows are strategic for canteens preparing thousands of meals per day.

Hygiene and safety must be integral parts of the equipment you use.

We understand your challenges, so partnering with us provides you with the latest kitchen solutions

  • Speedier chilling
  • Increased productivity
  • Savings

Three top aspects for your business thanks to boiling and braising pans.

Chill in record time

Chill in record time

Cool 300 litres in only 70 minutes from 100°C to 5°C with ice-water cooling.

Improve your productivity

Improve your productivity

in less space thanks to its compact size.

Save 50% more time in mixing

Save 50% more time

in mixing with the extra power Promix stirrer. Fast and gentle mixing of dense foods such as mash potatoes.

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