What do Molteni, the Rolls-Royce, and Blade Runner have in common?

Some amazing things happen when the old meets the new, don’t they? From remakes of classic cars, to our much-loved old films digitally remastered into High Definition, we live in an age where some of our favourite things from years gone by can be given a modern facelift with the latest technology.

But what exactly does that mean in the world of professional kitchen equipment?

Like many other creative pursuits such as architecture, filmmaking, or tailoring, cooking is a profession steeped in tradition. After all, the processes of blanching, frying, baking, and grilling, have been used by chefs the world over for decades. But when these established skills are combined with some of the latest materials, design trends, and manufacturing techniques, things start to get really interesting.

In my role as design director, I am constantly looking at ways we can ensure established heritage can be blended with a 21st century aesthetic. Ways that we can remain loyal to the origins of a design, while giving it a new lease of life to meet the demands of today’s chef.

None of these upgrades would come to fruition without the support, knowledge, and insights of the Electrolux Chef Academy. Our team of 60 chefs from all over the world consult on, listen to, and test new ideas every day – with the ultimate aim of developing new concepts and products together with customers. With hundreds of years of collective knowledge and experience, we really would be missing a trick if we didn’t consult these chefs in our quest to blend old with new.


Nothing emphasises this journey more than the Molteni Caractère, which recently joined the likes of the Rolls-Royce and Blade Runner as classics which have been given a contemporary facelift.

As a tailor-made stove, Molteni’s strength is that it has been in a class of its own since 1923, which means it boasts a 90-year tradition of expert craftsmanship dedicated to making chefs’ dreams come true. Improving on such an established favourite was always going to be a challenge, but with every challenge comes a whole new world of opportunity.

We looked at Molteni’s build, and reconstructed its top and side panels with Décor – a modern material which is ultra-high-performance, low-maintenance and five times stronger than granite. We examined the most in-demand cooking technology and ensured Molteni could offer induction plates, induction woks and teppanyaki alongside a traditional gas, professional cooking stove. We even introduced embellished corners and bespoke control knobs – all with the aim of ensuring no two models are ever the same.

The world of product design might not be easy, but when we have the opportunity to blend established heritage with a 21st century aesthetic, dreams really can come true.

Michele Cadamuro, Design Director

What do Molteni, the Rolls-Royce, and Blade Runner have in common? 2017-11-15T17:29:18+02:00 Electrolux Professional