How to make your dream laundry a reality

Consumer’s expectations of how and where their garments are cleaned are evolving – and fast. Helping businesses to remain both relevant and profitable in this shifting landscape is paramount, and our myLaundry concept store is a complete package to help self-service laundries to meet these cultural changes through new commercial avenues.

Here are some of the system’s top benefits for investors:

1. Turn-key solutions

The myLaundry concept store takes you through the process of building a top-class laundry business from start to finish, making it easier than ever to open your dream business. Find the ideal location, design and build your perfect environment, and get customized marketing support all through this unique offering.

2. Hot for profit

Green or not, it’s vital for any business to guarantee profitability in order to justify the investment. Each aspect of the myLaundry concept – from workflows scientifically proven to maximize throughput, to sustainable equipment engineered to minimise energy and water consumption – has been considered to offer the quickest return for your business.

3. Bespoke to you

Customer experience is everything, and our dedicated team is on hand to ensure your outlet is set-up to create the best possible experience – both practically and aesthetically.

Every venue is different, so we’ll help to select and organize equipment to suit the space it’s in. We’ll also use natural finishes and modern graphics to provide bespoke, contemporary designs that meet your business goals. So, whether it’s a brand new venue or breathing new life into an existing store, our expertise can make your vision a reality.

4. Sustainability as standard

As consumers become increasingly aware of their environmental impact, the success of a business is increasingly reliant on the sustainability of its model. Where the laundry industry is concerned, this means creating options for customers to make their garments both cleaner and greener. With this in mind, myLaundry gives investors access to the most efficient equipment on the market, as well as the latest in eco-friendly materials and design features that will ensure your business proposition stands out from the crowd.

To find out more about building a sustainable business with Electrolux Professional, take a look at our full range of commercial laundry equipment.

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