EXPOdetergo 2018: What’s Next for the Professional Laundry

EXPOdetergo is one of the most important tradeshows in the global Laundry Market.

Every four years, manufacturers, distributors and commercial laundry professionals gather in Milan to explore the trends and see what’s new in the world of Commercial Laundry Solutions.

We asked Paolo Schira, Vice President Laundry Business Unit at Electrolux Professional, what we can expect from the upcoming EXPOdetergo 2018 (Milan, 19-22 October), and what news EPR will be showcasing there.

Hi Paolo. Can you give us an idea of what you are expecting from EXPOdetergo?

“We are very excited because the 4-yearly EXPOdetergo is where we showcase innovation and we’ll be bringing lots of news to the market.

Electrolux has been an innovating company for the last 116 years, and this event is an opportunity to show we are still on track. We are a leading innovator in the industry, and we will continue to keep that pace in this 2018 edition as well.”

What main drivers of innovation will EPR show visitors at EXPOdetergo?

“We always keep in mind our Mission ‘to make costumers’ life easier and more profitable’. Laundry is no exception to this, taking into account the specific traits of this industry.

When Laundry is an important part of the service you deliver but it’s not your core business (i.e. hotels and communities), you will want to minimize running costs.

For professional customers who run a laundry-centered business (like laundromats and professional cleaners) innovation means boosting profits and shortening the investment payback period.

The tried and true products (and new products) that we are bringing to EXPOdetergo can show our capacity for innovation by acting in both areas.

We have been working on automation, developing smart features that reduce time, save costs and increase opportunities.

But that isn’t all. We have been working steadily to optimize human-machine interaction. Our aim is not only to reduce the actions people need to take to correctly operate the machine but also to offer cutting-edge intuitive features that improve usability and experience, without the need for extensive training in how to use our products.”

What themes are you expecting to be the most widely present at EXPOdetergo?

  1. “Digitalization, connectivity, and smart technologies.
  2. Ergonomics – closely tied to the first point – with a “human-first” approach to product design to provide flawless user experience.
  3. Savings on utility costs: reduce water, detergents and energy consumption, ensuring perfect cleaning results and keeping down the costs both to operators and to the environment.

We will present some of the most advanced professional laundry solutions at EXPOdetergo.

We are currently the only Company with the highest 4-star certification in ergonomics, rated by an independent certification agency, and we can guarantee the lowest operational costs on the market and the lowest environmental impact.”

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