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Wet-cleaning excellence – the greener, more effective alternative to dry-cleaning.

More and more customers are asking about eco-friendly solutions. And more and more fabrics are becoming suitable for wet-cleaning. The time is right to start looking more closely at safer cleaning methods and greener alternatives.

Wet-cleaning is an amazingly effective option for the professional cleaning of all kinds of fabrics and textiles.

With Electrolux Professional’s eco-friendly solutions, you’re less dependent on harsh chemicals and more effective and efficient at delivering superior cleaning results.

Revitalize your business with Wet-Cleaning Excellence from Electrolux Professional:

The ideal complement to your existing dry-cleaning

Easy to install

A welcome new business opportunity: Lagoon® is the first and only Wet-cleaning system to be approved by The Woolmark® Company

Better results on PVC-lined garments and fine fabrics with sequins

Option of wet-cleaning leather and suede with special detergents

The secret of wet-cleaning

Water is the first key component to understand what gives Wet-cleaning the capability to keep fabrics looking better and smelling fresher.

The second very important key is the use of specific detergents. When adapted to natural fibers they will protect them from deformation.

Then it is just a matter of adding the correct amount of biodegradable detergent, along with a gentle mechanical action over the optimal period of time.

As a result water is able to naturally remove stains and transport dirt to the waste pipe.

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